Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lagniappe Presbyterian Church - This gent's particular calling is Sheds of Hope. I will be posting regarding his work in the near future. Please visit both his blog and the church's website in the volunteer section to learn more.
Interns! Interns! Interns! It's that time of year again, Lagniappe church wants college students to start thinking about the summer and coming to serve with us doing summer interships. This is an amazing opportunity to work with teams doing disaster recover and for you to participate in the restoration of the Gulf Coast.
Who? We are looking for 16 college-aged men and women 18+ who are extremely mature and hard-working.
When? We need interns on site from May 23rd through August 19th 2007 If you would like more infomration then follow this link.
If you'd just like more information then e-mail us at:

Lagniappe Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 4382
Bay St. Louis, MS 39521

Physical Address:
Lagniappe Presbyterian Church
647 Demontluzin St.
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 39520

Bob & Mary Lee Bolitho, (Site manager- April 1 forward)
(864) 879-8449 (Bob) (Mary Lee)

lagniappe (lan-yap) n. Chiefly Southern Louisiana and Mississippi 1. A small gift presented by a storeowner to a customer with the customer's purchase. 2. An extra or unexpected gift or benefit. [Louisiana French, from American Spanish - la napa, the gift.] -AMERICAN HERITAGE DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE

Here's what I consider to be the most well-named church ever. What better gift that the gift of faith? We are often asked if we have needs other than specific financial donations- absolutely!

We will keep this list current but PLEASE call or e-mail before purchasing an item so that we can avoid 'extra' items.

We need Shed assembly kits donated! What a great way for your youth group or children's ministry to get involved with Lagniappe Church! Below is a listing of items which should be in each kit and don't forget they would all need to be in a storage container. Please mark EVERYTHING with the letters LPC and put it in the kit and ship to us.

Drill (plug in or cordless but the cordless seem to run out of juice so either extra batteries or one of each- 18v minimum)
Several phillips head replacement bits
Skill saw
Speed square
50 foot extension cord
2 utility knives (straight and hook blades)
hammers (3 or more)
chalk line
tin snips
nail pouch
tape measure
3' level
storage container for all of it
bucket with organizer (outside pockets or slide in totes for organization of needed extra nails and screws)

Relief & Work Site Supplies

Enclosed pull behind trailer to use for supplies at worksites (received!)
Open trailers to use for delivering storage sheds (Received!)
LARGE storgage building built to keep supplies in 10x20 minimum (needs to be non-permanent to avoid code issues)
Pickup truck for mission groups to use (Received!)
Bracket and Winch for Dodge Pickup- removable and hitch mountable
30 year architectural grade shingles
Roofing felt
DRILLS! Cordless and Corded
Extension cords
Nail guns
Home Depot gift cards
Lowes gift cards
Nail gun nails
Trailers for supplies Plywood (treated & untreated)
Nail aprons

Digital camera, 5.1 mpxl or greater (Received!)
Sony Cybershot 256 mb Memory stick cards (Received!)
Rechargable Batteries for camera (Received!)
Office Depot/Office Max gift cards
Vent-A-Hood for Kitchen 8,000.00 (Received)
Microwave Ovens (4) $1,000.00 (Received)
Janitorial (mops and buckets etc) $500.00 (Received)
LCD projectors $2,500.00
Motorized Dropdown Screens $1,000.00
Flat Panel Monitors $700.00
Sound System for sancuary $25,000.00 (Received)
Gravel $5,000.00 (Received)
Outdoor Lighting $3,000.00 (Received)
Chain-Link Fencing and Gate $11,000.00
9000 sq feet of VCT floor $8,000.00
HVAC for office space (including installation) $5,000.00
Flooring for batchroom $6,000.00 (Received)
outdoor basketball goals $500.00 (Received)
Picnic tables & outdoor furniture $250.00
Misc Kitchen Equipment $2,500.00 (Received)
Kitchen Refrigeration Repair $2,599.00 (Received)
Insulate and Panel Walls in Building $25,000.00
Plywood and Panelling for offices etc $15,000.00 (Received)
Roof Installation $15,999.00 (Received)
Copy Machine Lease $3,600.00
Computers $700.00 each (15 needed)
Computer Installation $3,000.00
Phone System Installation $3,000.00 (Received)
Outdoor Signage $5,000.00 (Received)
Server for computer system $2,999.00
Fuel Costs (Shell and Chevron fuel cards) $2,500.00
Building Maintenance Equipment (mowers etc) $1,200.00
Office Depot Gift Cards for office supplies $50.00
Domino's pizza Gift Cards $20.00
Delta or Northwest Airline Miles (intern trips home, and travel)

A/C for Jetta $1,200.00
Windows for Jetta $200.00
Compressor for Astro Van A/C $1,200.00
Sams Wholesale gift cards $20.00
Temorary Office Building $3,999.00 (Received)
Carpet in New Office $3,500
Handicapped Bathroom finishing $4,000.00 (Received)
Finishing out Offices (pastors study) / Bookshelves etc $5,000.00
Scaffolding $3,000.00
Laser Level $1,300.00
Lighting & Fixtures for offices $3,000.00
Parking Lot improvements $1,000.00
Software $2,900.00 (Received)
Postage Meter $300.00
Printing Supplies and costs $5,000.00
Outdoor Garbage Cans $1,000.00
fire extinquishers $3,000.00 (Received)
travel trailers $27,000.00

9/10 Update From Andy
Things are good in the Bay at Lagniappe. We have no volunteers right now (by design) but will start to ramp back up by next week. We'll be getting some volunteers in later this month, and will be close to capacity (300) in October. We have around 160 for the week of Thanksgiving, but we do need more volunteer groups to be here to help.
We have been housing some Habitat Groups and they have gone out and built houses, but there are so many houses that need repair, not just new housing.
What do we need? Obviously money -- for long term sustanance. It takes a lot of staff, to be able to provide the food, housing, work orders, scheduling, logistics, and the social work / case management... Not to mention the "church" part of the staff. We need to raise money to continue being able to keep the staff that we have, and we need groups to come to help rebuild with us.
We can also house and feed groups from other organizations for them ( if they don't have housing). We have a great commercial kitchen/with staff and have bunkhouses with A/C and hot showers and nice facilities for folks to stay with us.

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