Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bay St. Louis Needs

5/30 - for those interested - City Development Plans

8/1 From Ms. Mike

All of the members of the KatrinaNetworking have been so supportive of the Gulf Coast Katrina recovery and if we don't thank you often enough I'm sorry and want to be sure that you know how much you are appreciated, by all of us, even those who don't take the time to thank you because they are still overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. I don't know where we would be without your help. Because of your support every day we move forward, maybe in a small way, but always forward.

We were thirty six years in recovery from Hurricane Camille when Katrina hit. There is a determination that recovery won't take as long, although in comparison Camille was a thunderstorm.

Yes, our city administration still needs help. To date we have had to borrow over $15 million to keep the doors open and minimal services delivered to the public with a virtual skeleton crew of employees. There have been very few new hires and those were hired under special employment programs funded by the state, not because we could afford new salaries and benefits.

The following are a list of the major supplies that the public can assist in helping the city defray its general operating budget: fuel, tires, office supplies, (especially copy paper since we have no professional printers left in business), cleaning supplies for our public buildings. The cost of fuel to keep our police department on patrol can be overwhelming for our minus budget. I don't mean to sound flippent or too blunt, but any donor wishing to pay our city light bill of $25,000 for one month would be guarunteed a special place in heaven! Our federally mandated wastewater treatment bill is $75,000 a month. With bills like that you can understand why we are grateful for any help on our other needs.

Citizens will need varying degrees of help for a long time to come, if we don't have another major storm. If, God forbid, we do there won't be anyone left to help. But without a new storm and the "creek don't rise" gift cards for building supplies or furniture for those close to returning to their homes, is the best help that can be sent.

Please remember that gift cards are easy to store in a town with few buildings that can be dedicated to storage. Many people will still be living in trailers for the next 6-12 months.

We don't need anymore toys or bikes for our children, but we do continue to need supplies and support for our public and private schools that are rebuilding and re-fitting our campuses. Supplies for the Boys and Girls Club, supplies for The Arts-Hancock County for children's art camps/weekends are always welcome. These organizations benefit all of our children and we don't have to worry about storage in a FEMA trailer.

To combine help for both our children and our police department monies or supplies could be sent for bicycle helmets and safety training and an engraving gun to mark all the new bikes. To combine help for our children and the fire department monies could be sent to the fire department for the teaching tools needed for fire safety classes. These are things we used to be able to do on our own, but is very low on our budget priority list.

Volunteers are still needed to work with the relief groups still in the Bay helping with reconstruction. Anyone unskilled volunteer is asked to take classes at a local Home Depot or Lowe's type business and learn to set ceramic tile or laminate flooring. If there is a community college or even a local contractor that teach them how to cut base and ceiling moldings those are valuable skills and there is always more than enough work for volunteers with these skills. If volunteers can learn to install bathroom fixtures - toilets, lavatories, tubs, faucets, before they come then they can really help.

There is one thing that would really help our school age children - uniform clothing. Our schools require navy blue or khaki shorts or long pants with white, navy blue or white polo type shirts. Other donors have been generous with backpacks and kids supplies, but buying uniforms means a trip out of town for shopping and there is a shortage of small sizes (6-7 to 10-12) for the elementary grades. ( I only know this because of first hand shopping for my grandson, Charlie, who starts first grade this year.)

Anyone with a 16-18' metal or fiberglass boat, (at least 5' wide) with a 25 hp jet drive motor and trailer our fire department could really use one for the 30+ miles of inland waterways we have. I'll be glad to email correspond with anyone who may be an interested donor.

I'm sure that I've forgotten something - I never can remember it all no matter how hard I try - but you asked for an update and here it is.

Once again, thank you so very much, God bless all of you.

Mike Cuevas
City of Bay Saint Louis
Donation and Volunteer Coordinator

A More Detailed List and Mailing Addresses (at bottom)

Employee Relief Fund - donations can be made through the Bay Saint Louis Disaster Relief Fund, with checks earmarked specifically for this use. Our basic employee salary average is $22,500 per year, not including benefits. We currently have 105 employees.

Donations to this effort can be made as follows: Checks made payable to Bay Saint Louis Disaster Relief Fund, check subject line: Employee Salary Fund and mailed to City of Bay Saint Louis, Attention: David Kolf, Comptroller, P.O. Box 2550, Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520.
A woman in CA is sending a monthly check of the profits from her CafePress business to the Salary Fund.

telephone message pads; white legal size writing pads; ink cartridges to fit HP 5160V and HP 7130 copiers, printers, scanners.
From a professor of Luther College, Decora, Iowa: miscellaneous office supplies that addressed some of the needs of the Mayor's office, Building, Administration, and Fire departments. (She cleaned out her supply closet and send the GCN article on to others at the college for them to do the same thing!)

Legal and letter size copy paper, ink cartridges HPC 5011d and HPC 5010d; standard staple; heavy duty stapler and staples (needed to staple large packets of documents); ink pens, fine point, blue or black ink; scotch tape for desk dispenser; plain white business envelopes; legal size pressboard file folders; dictating cassette tapes (90-120 minutes); Canon image Class 2300 Copier or similar copier.

Finance/Utility - ink cartridges for printers HP#57/56 or 58 - #94/95 - #49A - #42A
copy machine toner #417-0; receipt books*; utility application cards*; work order books*; meter deposit books*; all size post-it notes; standard staples; scotch tape for dispensers; employment application*; copy paper (letter size); white letter and legal size pads; file folder lables; letter size manila folders; legal size Mead 2503 pressboard folders and the computer program, Quick Books 2006 for five licensed users.
Port Townsend, WA, must have raided every supply store in the area to generate copy paper, pens, correction tapes, coffee pots and two computers. (One computer went to a police officer and the other went to a local business.)

Community Affairs - ink cartridges, HPC 5011d, 5010d, 5165a, 6578d, letter size copy paper; letter and legal size manila folders, phone message books, standard staples, post-it notes; standard calculator tape, fine point pens, black, blue and red ink; scotch tape, 81/2 x 10 mailing envelopes, Canon imageClass 2300 copier or similar copier.

Building - two HP laser jet printers; two printing calculators with tapes and ribbons; printer cartridges for Brother PC-201 fax machine, HP Laser Jet 1320 printer, Canon GP200S copier; Paper - 2 pkgs. 11"x17", 10 cases letter and 2 cases legal; blue, black and red ink pens; scotch tape; 1 box sheet protectors; 12 boxes letter size folders; 2 boxes orange and 2 boxes blue legal size folders; 12 correction pens, 1 box yellow highlighters; 2 boxes Sharpie black fine point pens; 1 box Sharpie red, bold point pens. 4 Motorola hand held radios, with chargers, HT750 for inspectors; photo id camera and printer to produce contractor and employee identification cards; Canon imageClass 2300 copier, or similar copier. Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Buiding Permit Cards*; Inspection Log cards* and privilege license applications*.

18"-24" aluminum offset pipe wrenches; shovels, weedeaters, mush mowers, blowers, chain saws; safety glasses, safety work gloves; hand cleaner, paper towels, toilet paper, bleach, toilet tissue; universal hydraulic fluid; motor oil; offices supplies to include: basic letter size manilla folders, colored folders, call out forms*, door hangers*; vinyl binders, 1", 2", 3"; printer cartridges, HP96, 97, 78, 45; Brother ink cartridges, LC41M, LC41C, LC41Y, LC41BK; CD-RW.
Overland Park, Kansas Public Works folks sold cakes and sausages and sent over $1000 for our Public Works Department's fuel expenses.

Blue and black fine point pens; 2 boxes Sharpie fine point black markers; letter size file folders; 4 rolls tape for Dymo Label Manager 150; scotch tape; legal pads, post-it notes; standard staples; 2 boxes letter size copy paper; 1/2 box legal size copy paper, HP 56 and HP 57 print cartridges; ink cartridges for CannonBC20 copy machine, Department letterhead* and envelopes, burn permit books* and incident report books*.

File lables; correction tape; phone message pads; letter size manila file folders, file folder fasteners, storage boxes, letter and legal size copy paper, white business envelopes; 91/2"x12" and 6"x9" manila envelopes with clasps; sheet protectors, liquid paper; legal pads, yellow, 5"x8" and 81/2" x 11"; Bic mechanical pencils; yellow highlighter pens; black dry erase markers, dry erase cleaner, black sharpie, fine point; 3"x3" post-it notes; packing tape lithium batters for small torches; laser printer cartridge, ML 1710D3; HP 51645A, 51641A; 4127X; C8728A; 1823T; C8727 AN; C1823D; C1816A; fax/copier/scanner cartridges HP C4920A, C4921A, C4922A, C4923A, HP C5011DN, C5010DN.

One of our biggest expenses for the city is fuel. This is critical to our police and fire departments for obvious reasons.
A wonderful couple from NC sent hand held radios, office supplies and a Fuelman credit. World Care filled in the rest and has another shipment scheduled to come sometime this week.

Fuel Cards that can be accepted at Shell or Chevron or Fuelman cards that can be accepted for diesel and gasoline, in any amount. For example, our Fire Department uses approximately 250 gallons of diesel per month and 250 gallons of gasoline. Any reduction in these costs would be of an enormous help to our finances.

Gift/Fuel cards should be mailed to City of Bay Saint Louis, Attention: David Kolf, Comptroller, P. O. Box 2550, Bay Saint Louis, MS 39521-2550. Please send the package "Return Receipt Requested" to verify our receipt of the cards.

The following is a list of supplies that we need that gift cards can't be used to purchase, but a credit in the name of the City of Bay Saint Louis, MS would be accepted. If you have another vendor from which the purchase can be made, with and assigned credit, just let me know.

McDonald's Hardware
P.O. Box 459
Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520
This is local hardware store where we purchase small items in small numbers that help us finish a project. Bay Saint Louis has an open account with McDonald's and has had one for more than 100 years. We do not need more than $1000 in this account at this time or during the next six months.
A resident of the Bay credited our McDonald's Hardware account with the $1000 we need to last us through the remainder of the year.

The Sea Coast Echo
P.O. Box 2009
Bay Saint Louis, MS 39521-2009
This is the local newspaper where we are required to publish all of our legal notices. We do not need more than $500 in this account at this time or during the next six months.

Fleetcorp Technologies
P.O. Box 105080
Atlanta, GA 30348-5080
Billing Group Number: 153858
This is the fuel charge account we use for our Police and Fire Department. Any payments made directly to them will help reduce our outstanding bill and help with future fuel costs.

P.O. Box 94081
Palatine, Il 60094
Account Number C2797779
Quill is the primary source for our office supplies, except printed items.

Shipping Addresses

Mayor Edward A. Favre - City Council - Community Affairs - Finance/Utility - Building and Public Works Administraton - 1928 Depot Way, Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520

Public Works Warehouse - Fire - Police - 310 Old Spanish Trail, Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520

Mailing Address - (All Departments), City of Bay Saint Louis, P.O. Box 2550, Bay Saint Louis, MS 39521-2550

Contact: Mike Cuevas, City of Bay Saint Louis, P.O. Box 2550, Bay Saint Louis, MS 39521-2550, 228-463-7120 or by email at


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