Friday, May 19, 2006

Fire Department Needs

6/27 - Latest from Pam for needs of the Fire Department
To make donations to the Bay Saint Louis Fire Department to relieve the expenses of operation you can help in the following ways:

Gift Cards

In the last nine months since Katrina we have found that gift cards to various vendors is the easiest way to maximize donations because our city comptroller and the fire department can be more accountable to the donor and the public with the use of the funds. There is no waiting on the charitable board to authorize the spending (sometimes up to 90-120 days) for supplies that are needed quickly, and there are no storage problems.

The following vendors are easy for us to access for various supplies:

Sam’s Wholesale Club – for the purchase of toilet paper, paper towels, office supplies and other paper goods, in bulk, for the best local prices.

Wal-Mart – for the purchase of fuel and emergency supplies.

Chevron or Shell gas cards for local fuel purchases.

Office Depot or Office Max for office supplies (much more expensive than Sam’s Club).

Anyone wishing to send the gift cards should do so in the following manner:

Mail, return receipt requested, to verify to the donor that the cards have been received, to City of Bay Saint Louis Fire Department, Attention: David Kolf, Comptroller, P.O. Box 2550, Bay Saint Louis, MS 39521-2550.

Anyone wishing to donate by check should make their check payable to City of Bay Saint Louis Disaster Relief Fund, Attention: David Kolf, Comptroller, P.O. Box 2550, Bay Saint Louis, MS 39521-2550. Be sure to indicate by letter or on the checks subject line, BSL Fire Department Operational Fund.

Anyone wishing to donate the following hard goods should have the goods shipped to the following address: Bay Saint Louis Fire Department, 310 Old Spanish Trail, Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520 Attention: Deputy Chief Pam SanFillippo.
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Cleaning/dish towels
Dishwashing liquid
Liquid car wash soap for washing vehicles
Coffee cups/paper plates
Coffee, sugar, artificial sweetener, powdered cream, stirrers
Aluminum foil
Ziplock bags, all sizes
Shower and toilet cleaners
Industrial size mops and brooms
Mop buckets
Office storage boxes
Letter size copy paper
Legal pads
First class postage stamps

You can order stamps for them through the Post Office Website. There are some really great options. You can do a subscription of either a book of 20 or a coil of 100 stamps once or twice a month for 6-12 months. You can also order singular items, such as books of 20, 40 or coils up to 10,000. WOW!

Any or all of these supplies and gift cards would reduce the expenses of the department’s operational budget giving the city of Bay Saint Louis more time for financial recovery of its tax base.

City of Bay St Louis
PO Box 2550
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 39521
Attn: Pam San Fillippo
228-467-4736 (work)

General Needs According To City Officials:
See Also:

FIRE -Blue and black fine point pens; 2 boxes
Sharpie fine point black markers;
letter size file folders;
4 rolls tape for Dymo Label Manager 150;
scotch tape;
legal pads,
post-it notes;
standard staples;
2 boxes letter size copy paper;
1/2 box legal size copy paper,
HP 56 and HP 57 print cartridges;
ink cartridges for CannonBC20 copy machine,
Department letterhead* and envelopes,
burn permit books* and
incident report books*.

Our Fire Department uses approximately 250 gallons of diesel per month and 250 gallons of gasoline. Any reduction in these costs would be of an enormous help to our finances.

Gift/Fuel cards should be mailed to
City of Bay Saint Louis,
Attention: David Kolf, Comptroller,
P. O. Box 2550, Bay Saint Louis, MS 39521-2550.

Please send the package "Return Receipt Requested" to verify our receipt of the cards.

For Impending Storm Season:

Tire Plug Kits (The kit includes tools and plugs and are available through any car parts store, or car repair department of any of the big box stores)
Fire Department - 20 heavy duty kits for medium size trucks
25,000# Tow Straps (These are used to move vehicles, trees and other debris)
Fire Department - 6
Jumper Cables
Fire Department - 6

We will need to issue personal care kits if needed that will include the following:
Plastic box with lid containing travel sizes of
deodorant soap
shaving cream
1 ea. toothbrush
small bottles of Avon's Skin-So-Sof
tinsect repellent
and sun screen
One face cloth
One bath towel

Any of the above items need to be shipped to
City of Bay Saint Louis
Attention Mike Cuevas
1928 Depot Way
Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520.


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