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Our Lady Academy Needs
The latest Needs List from Our Lady Academy.

As they get more students in, their needs grow. But, that's a good thing! It means the families are coming back!Please send any gift cards or material donations to:

Our Lady Academy 222 S. Beach Blvd. Bay St. Louis MS 39520 Jeannine Y. Burch 228-332-7976 mbbjoy@juno.comPlease let us know if you wish to or plan to send anything from the list so we can mark it off and focus people on the remaining items. Thanks in advance for your help.

10/29 Update
Math Teacher
We are desperately searching for a math teacher. Mrs. Goggins and I are teaching too much; Mr. Kolodziej leaves us at Christmas. But….. we don’t want just anybody. We want a GOOD math teacher. Do you know anyone? Please help us with this. I have exhausted all my contacts.

9/9 Update
September Newsletter from Sr. Jackie
"We've come so far and yet we've just begun."
The Physical Plant:
McAuley Hall is up and running. Mercy Hall is up and running. The Commons and gym are up and running. We have obtained an occupancy permit for Johnson Hall; it is partially up and running and will be fully functional by Labor Day.
Plans for the Physical Plant:
The gym will get a complete overhaul at the end of October, after volleyball season. A new floor will be laid; new bleachers will be installed. The gym will be "down" for about three weeks. But it will be worth it!
Plans to replace St. Joseph Hall are all tied up with FEMA at this time. Need I say more?
Classroom equipment has begun to arrive, compliments of Re-Start, the federal program designed to get the schools up and running. The non-public schools are included in this program; this is a famous first! Fifty-one boxes of science equipment arrived two weeks ago. Mrs. Cranford thought it was Christmas; then she had to unpack and inventory everything! Her enthusiasm waned! Classroom furniture has begun to arrive. Mrs. Bartels has the unenviable task of keeping track of all of it. Textbooks are almost all here; we are waiting on just a few extra books for classes with larger enrollments than we anticipated and a few teachers' editions. Mrs. Bartels is also in charge of this. She thinks she is overworked; she is probably right!Enrollment:
We began school with 237 students. That is 18 more than we ended with last year. We are pleased with the number, but, of course, we still have a way to go to attain our pre-storm enrollment of 280.
I know you are all missing Power School and the ability to check on your daughter's progress each evening through our Web site. I wish I had an answer to the question of "When." We are waiting for the federal Re-Start program to OK our request for computers. And, after we get approval, they must be shipped. And, after they arrive, we must get it all installed and up and running. A mind boggling task to say the least! I get a headache just thinking about it all.
Student Activities:
We began our school year at OLG Church with a challenge to each young lady to "BE" BEgin......BElieve.....BElong.......BEcome
BEgin the year with enthusiasm and a commitment to do your best.
BElieve in yourself and what you can accomplish.
BElong to the Faith Community that is OLA.
BEcome the best you can be.

OLA volleyball is off to another great start. It is just like we didn't skip a beat. The team won the Gulf Coast Classic Volleyball Tournament last week. The girls have not lost a game to a Coast team (as of 8/22, when I wrote this note). They look great! Victoria Romano and Amanda Meyers are providing wonderful senior leadership. And Mike Meyers is amazing!
The Back-To-School Dance was well attended. The luau theme was enjoyed by the students. You should have seen some of the outfits! I think a good time was had by all.
Bishop Rodi joined us on August 29th, for our Katrina anniversary remembrance. Fr. Carver officiated at our opening school liturgy.
SSC football is off to a good start. Isn't it nice to have something to do on Friday evenings?
Sign-up is complete for the 2006 Youth Legislature session . Fifty young women will represent us in Jackson. I have absolutely NO doubt that they will make us proud!
Swimming and Cross Country begins soon.
Good luck, Crescents. Good luck to our coaches, Mr. Hull and Mrs. Loftus!
Sr. Jackie

Immediately below is Sister Jackie's wish list.

The departments' wish lists follow.
file cabinets (about a dozen)
oval conference room table and chairs (to seat eight)
DVD players (about 10)
VCR players (about 10)
LCD projector (2 needed)
large screens (for each classroom -about 10)
overhead projectors (about 10)
computer tables and chairs - for about 30 computers
digital camera and photo printer

Please send notifications to: Julie Cranford at or OLA's Email at
Also consider BoxTops and Labels For Education
Consider Gift Cards
OLA School Needs
Picnic tables New flagpole / New United States flag and state of Mississippi flag
English Department- Kerri Guichet:
*Just added: 2 boxes of legal size hanging file folders
25 staplers
25 pencil holders
25 pairs of scissors
25 three ring hole punch
25 desk organizers for drawers
25 standard 8-digit calculators
25 overhead projectors
25 cassette/CD players
25 heavy duty electric pencil sharpeners
black & white transparencies-designed for use in copiers
white copy paper
jumbo size paper clips
red pens
Black pens
file folders
rubber bands
white out
correction pens
printer ink for Hewlett Packard Deskjet 722C
hand sanitizer
pens for overhead projector
supplementary materials for teaching grammar for grades 7-8 (Teacher's Discovery catalog had some neat things)
bulletin board paper
punch-out letters for bulletin board
visuals for the walls( motivational, religious, or language arts related)
laminating machine
dry erase markers/erasers
25 VCR/DVD players
English/ Math- Millie Rutledge:
heavy duty stapler
3 hole punch
Electric pencil sharpener
dry erase markers/erasers
red pens
pencils (mechanical)
black pens
1 laptop computer
1 printer/copier/scanner/faxset of classroom scientific-calculators
board set of geometric tools: compass, ruler, protractor math manipulatives
colored markers
loose leaf paper (college ruled)
computer paper
dean ruler-metric/English
large clips for holding papers
file folders
colored pencils
1 personal calculator
paper clips
tape dispenser
1 dictionary
construction paperTV/ DVD/ VCR
Wall calendar
desktop calendar
file cabinet
blank CD's
memory stick ( portable disk drive)
note cards
Pre-algebra test generator CD
Pre-algebra practice work sheets (skill builders)
computer desk/chair
copier for schoo
lcases of copy paper
toner for copier
Music- Joy Mehrtens:
Kurtzweil PC2 Series keyboard/stand/case
Portable piano bench
4 sections of Wenger
3-step choral risers
20 music stands
Peavy keyboard amplifiers
Reader's Digest Keyboard Music Collection
2 omnidirectional choral microphones
2 telescoping mic stands
1 regular mic stand
2 monitors speakers
1 microphone
PA system
Hymn books/ Accompaniment books for different religious denominationslap-
top computer (DVD-CD rom)
Finale (Music composition Program- PC format)
Art text booksbox-storage containers
piano bench Wenger-
4 sections of standing choral risers (portable)
Visual Art
140 lb. Cold press watercolor paper1 rheem
80 lb. Drawing paper
24 prang watercolor sets
30 #6 round watercolor brushes
30 ½ inch angled flat watercolor brushes
4 pints masking fluid
30 ½ inch rulers
4 tape dispensers
4 staplers
2 three hole punch
larger paper cutter
Ceramics* Need by Nov.11000 lbs. Cone 6 stoneware claypottery tools (call for list)
Elise Deano- History
world map
Mississippi map
US map
Poster Sets: Electoral College Federal Government How a Bill Becomes a Law
Large desk calendar
Science Lab
25 microscope
Glassware: beaker
Graduated cylinder
slides- anatomy, botany, biology
dissecting trays
Test tubes
dissecting kits
Bunsen burners
iron stand-ring
Models (example) - Ear, Eye, Heart, Leafrulers
periodic table
world map
oceans of the world
topographic map
art/craft supplies
science videos
electrophoresis equipment
magnifying glass
atomic models
wiregram stain kitf
ilter paper
stethoscope-blood pressure
fossil kits
water sampling kits
inoculating loopseine nets
Commercial stove/range and hood
stainless steel cooking utensils
Disposable plates, utensils, napkins
ice maker
ReligionChristian CD's


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