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City Team Ministries

City Team Ministries
PO Box 3750
Bay St Louis, MS 39520

11/28 - Found a Slide Show of Photos
This guy took photos at CityTeam's request of the work being done in LA and MS. If you scroll down the page, you'll see 2 albums of Hancock County area.

11/7 - From Debra of City Team
They are still running test. She continues to have break outs. The doctor’s have put her on bed rest. Our HR department was just there last week and it’s incredible to see that so many places have yet to be touched. Listening to the stories of the ladies who’s homes we were working in is just incredible. There is nothing like southern hospitality. I enjoy being there. I am so grateful for your faithfulness in keeping up with all the volunteer opportunities. You are a blessing.


10/21 From Pastor Bonnie
Hi all,
Thanks for your prayers.
The doc said it will be another week of bedrest before he will release me. The infection seems to be getting better as my white blood count and fever are going away. Mainly, I’m just tired and tire easily.
The Doctor said that many long term volunteers are catching staph.
So….any open sores please get them looked at before it goes into the bloodstream.
Many of the local residents came in the hospital frantically and asked me if I was “going to go home now”; they couldn’t understand why I would want to stay with all that’s happened. I just reassured them that I couldn’t go home now. . Love just doesn’t run! I came here because God asked me to come and some little bugs crawling around my blood stream are not going to stop me from helping out a while longer. : )
You all have been so gracious to be my extended family in the middle of all this. Thank you so much for caring so greatly. For the cards and flowers and just plain ole love. I truly appreciate it. It means a lot from my peers.
God bless and I’ll be praying for you too.
Bonnie P. Ringdahl
CityTeam Ministries, Inc.
498 Ulman Ave
Bay St. Louis, MS 39520

One Year Later
One year ago, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city of Bay St. Louis, MS. CityTeam heard the call to rush to their aid with shelter, feeding, counseling, AA meetings, case management, and rebuilding homes. CityTeam has been on the ground in Bay St. Louis helping people rebuild their lives, their city and their homes. We are still there today and it has been our joy to come along side this city and help in multiple ways – from delivery food supplies to repairing a home. We are an agency with multiple services and volunteers to provide real hope that real change is possible.
"Bay Saint Louis would not be a functioning community without this partnership with CityTeam. Their leaders recognize and meet our needs with a clarity that locals do not have yet.”
"CityTeam has helped us survive, literally, and we will be forever grateful and will always remember their impact on our lives for many generations to come."
Mayor Eddie Favre,Bay St. Louis, MS

“It has been our honor to come along side the city of Bay St. Louis and Mayor Eddie Favre and help rebuild their community after Hurricane Katrina,” said Patrick Robertson, president, CityTeam Ministries. “We are so grateful for all the donors and volunteers from across the nation that have helped us reach out to serve thousands of people who have faced devastation because of this terrible disaster. The lives of our volunteers have changed forever as they have worked long days, slept in tents and personally seen the hope of the people that have lost so much. The people of Bay St. Louis have helped us be a better organization today.”
CityTeam is currently helping to rebuild over 130 homes in Bay St. Louis. We have depleted our designated financial funds but we continue to press on. More volunteers are still needed today. Even one year after the disaster – people can still visually see how their involvement can impact lives in Bay St. Louis.

If you would like to know how you can help Call 1-888-CITYTEAM or Click the donation button. Thank you

CityTeam and WalMart
CityTeam has partnered with Wal-mart to host a “Wish-List” registry on-line so you can purchase needed household items for over a 100 families that have lost e`verything in the terrible disaster of Hurricane Katrina. CityTeam is still sending hundreds of volunteers down to Bay St. Louis to help rebuild homes and lives. Our wish is that you will visit our wish list at and select an item or two that we can bless a family with.
A set of new sheets is a special gift to a boy or girl who is coming home for the first time. Or a set of dishes so a family can eat together is necessary for them to rebuild their family unity. These are important ways in which you can partner with us to help families that have lost so much of their lives.

On this web page you can meet a few of the families and individuals that are in need and hear how they personally survived and how they are going to rebuild their lives one step at a time.
If you would like to know more about this program and how you can help – please call our headquarters at 1-888-CITYTEAM or 408-232-5600.

Thank you for being a part of this rebuilding project with us at CityTeam. Please keep your Wal-mart on-line receipt for tax purposes.

Go To, Upper Left Corner (Wish List) First Name - CityTeam; Last Name - Ministries; State - Mississippi; Date - August

CityTeam is audited quarterly to keep their operations as transparent as possible. Very Cool!

Needs List
Volunteers - Volunteers will have room and board provided and given assignments of where to work - no worries about being left to your own devices.

Flooring - linoleum of neutral colors, carpeting of neutral colors

Electrical - 12/3, 12/2, 10/3 cable; 150a, 200a Service Boxes, Electric Meters, 15a, 20a, 30a breakers, switches, outlets, junction boxes for NEW construction.

Construction - drywall - 1/2" 4x12 sheets, greenboard, mud, tape, taping knives, drywall knives, drywall screws, white paint - flat, with mold retardant added; any toilets (hint to those who replaced with lowflow - there's a place to take the high flow for now)

Roofing - 110mph architectural shingles; nail strips for nail guns, nail guns, tar paper, etc.

Gift Cards - gift cards are great, but there is a hitch. The prices are getting so high in the Gulf Region that many times it is cheaper to buy the stuff out of state and ship it in. Prices right now are double or triple national average. Drywall just increased by $3 a sheet. Wiring has increased $37 a roll in the last 3 months. Please consider bringing the subject up with your Federal representative, the US Attorney General, and the affected states' Attorneys General. This gouging needs to stop if the rebuilding is going to occur with any appreciable speed.

From their Website's List of Needs

Pots, pans and bake ware – cookware sets
Tableware (includes dishes, glasses, and cups
Cooking utensils
Small Kitchen appliances (includes coffeemaker, can opener, toaster)
Large Kitchen Appliances (dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, microware)
Bed Linens (sheet sets, comforter, blanket)
Washer & Dryer

Home Repair Supplies:
General hand tools and power tools
Sheetrock and particle board
Lighting fixtures
Laminated Flooring material
Carpet & padding material
Adhesives, Mortar, Grout & Sealers
Electrical wiring and switches
Home Décor items – wallpaper, paint, draperies, blinds, etc.
Windows & Doors
Door hardware

General Items:

(These items are still needed for our daily distribution center)
Paper goods (napkins, paper towels, cups, etc.)
Toilet papers
Baby supplies, formula & food
Over the counter medication
Laundry detergent
Canned food

Send to:

City Team Ministries PO Box 3750 Bay St Louis, MS 39520

They have storage space in a warehouse, so will be able to store appreciable amounts of supplies, should they need to.


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