Saturday, August 19, 2006

Citizen Update

Hello there Miss Leslie!
Sorry I haven't updated you sooner, but as you will see, we've been very busy beavers, or as they say on the bayou, nutria.
First, I have to tell you about what happened today. I was on my way to go check on some free couches, Abbey had a mishap. She always likes to go with me, so as usual, we were off. I had the window down about 2/3 of the way, and she was sticking her head out of it. Luckily I was still on a side street, when she decided to put her hind legs on the arm rest. At that same moment the road makes a curve, and out she flips of the window. I freaked out, slammed on the brakes, and ran to her. She luckily didn't break anything, but did get a small cut on her back leg and badly shaken up. I really don't know which one of us was more scared. Anyway, I brought her right back haoe and cleaned her cut, and wrapped her in her blnet and she is resting now. Seems to be ok, but I'm not leaving her side today. I just couldn't bear losing her as she's become the love of our lives. Anyway,
The good news is that we're really making headway on the house. The sheetrock is about 85% up and the siding is about 2/3 up. Lagniappe is supposed to be getting some skilled workers in this week and hopefully they can finish hanging the rock , mudding, and do the final sanding. After that, I'm going to get a spray apinter and spray everything with primer, then put on the final coat and color. t will all be downhill from there. Last week we paid for the cabinets and counter tops and they should be ready in about 3 wks, which will be just about right.
Leslie, I feel like a new person, now hat there is a clearing at the end of the forest, and it's mostly come true due to people like you. You really should have wings and a halo. I can't wait to send pictures. I gotta run, but I will keep you updated and send pictures as soon as the sheetrock is done. Thanks again for the help and encouragement, good friend.
I sure hope your asthma gets better, I know what a bitch it can be, as one of my son's has it. Also, could you let me know what hospital Pastor Bonnie is in? There's an epidemic going around with those stinkin' staph infections. Timmy got one on his inner thigh and it really started spreading. We don't have any insurance, so were trying to Dr. it ourselves, but soon realized that wasn't too smart, so one morning when he woke up and it was heading both north and south, we ran to the ER. The Dr. immediately took him in, and had to lance it, and pack it. A couple days later he took out the packing and Timmy had to stay on antibiotics for 2 weeks. I guess only sulfur based ones will work. Seems like everyone is getting them. The ER Dr said it is becoming an epidemic that started about 6 years ago, and they can't seem to find a way to stop it. Another plague?
Anyway, the old seahag on the bayou is signing off to go to work on the house and be nurse to my baby, Abbey. Talk to ya soon,

Hi there! Just wanted to give you some positive news. TODAY, we have 2 crews here working on the house! One is putting the siding on the house, and the other is putting up the insulation! You can't imagine how happy I am. It is such a big step in getting uws back into the house. We're hoping to get some sheetrock up next week, but not sure if there will be help available. If we have to, Timmy and I will try to do what we can, but hopefully there will be a group to help. I've got 2 cabinet people working on prices for them. They say it takes 6 wks. to get them, but I would move in even without them. There's about 20 people here today, and I want to do something special, so I'm off to the store to try and get something special for luch for them just a small way to show how much they are appreciated. I want to thank you also for always being there not just for me, but for everyone you've touched. As soo as they get done, I'll take some pics and send them. Gotta run, but just wanted to give some positve news for a change. Talk at ya soon, Love and thanks, Yvonne, Timmy, and of course, Abbey!

9/16 Update
I'm still up here in Green Bay. Got the results back from the biopsy, and they were negative! Praise God! They still don't know why they were enlarged, so will need to keep an eye open, but at least it isn't cancer at this point. Said it might be something viral. Anyway, thanks soooo much for the prayers, I know they helped. I'm going to see my mom on Tues and will spend a week or so with her, then go back down to the daily challenge on the bayou. I hope if all goes well, and we get a little more help, we can be in by Thanksgiving. That would be so awesome. Don't remember (senior moments) but we have all the windows in, the exterior doors, new roof, 99% of the electrical and 60% plumbing done, the siding is bought, but not up yet, the front and back stairs are rebyuilt and up. Will send pictures when I get back. I was given a digital camera to use so I can download them to the computer, but I have to be at home to do that. Thanks again Leslie, for being the person you are, you are a treasure to the world! We all love you! Yvonne


This is from Yvonne, showing the steady, but slow, progress on her and her husband's house. They are amazing people! They have no money, he's a fisherman trying to make ends meet working on the docks doing ship repair, and yet they help distribute loads of goods as they arrive at a local Presby church (The Lagniappe Presbytery). They also held a shrimp boil for all the folks over there! Talk about wonderful!

She has a great camera! I was able to pull a LOT of information out of the shadows.

Both homes next to each other.

This next picture has a bit of a request with it. Yvonne needs to use a wheel chair most of the time. She has a degenerative back disorder that is making stairs more and more difficult. Does anyone know where we can find an outdoor wheel chair lift for her? I'm at a total loss. If you do, please contact her directly at Tillmanx2 at AOL cot com (written out to avoid spammers)

Her sanity! A fearless pup that brings sheer joy after her last dog died just a few months ago.

6/26 -Today some volunteers came and put on half the roof, and hopefully will be back tomorrow to finish the rest. I'm sure by end of the week it'll be done. Lagniappe church supplied the workers and material. What a Godsend! There's supposed to be an electrician coming tomorrow also, so if he gets here, and we can finish up the wiring, we can get going on putting up the walls and start to wrap it and side it. Then sheetrock and insulation. I don't think I'll get an elevator/lift. All avenues I've pursued have come to a dead end, but I can't complain. At least the rest of it seems to be coming together. I'll keep you posted on our progress or lack of it (Ha ha). Anyway, have a great 4th of July weekend. I bet there will be some awesome fireworks out that way.

Thanks again for the info,

Love,Yvonne on the Bayou!


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